Night Club Management

Training in night club management is different then anything you have ever experienced, good or bad.

Most importantly, don’t try and use experience from other industries in the same way you are used to. You’ll have to tweek it a little.

Education, like in any other industry is key. I know, I know, you say it’s just the bar business. What’s there to learn? Please don’t be an idiot on me!
If you think that is all you have to do is open the door and tons of profit will come pouring in, you are wrong!

Everyone has to learn the mechanics of their industry. This is no different. So it’s back to school time. But it won’t be painful.

To start, I guess is to first address the night club owners.

Hiring a night club manager is the most important thing you will ever do. Take care of this right, and it will take care of you.

Night club management is about the whole place.

From maintenance on up. Now are you as a night club owner going to perform all the night club management? Or, are you going to hire it out. Regardless, the job is the same. You may own it, but you will have to perform as a manager. Just because you own your night club doesn’t mean that you can skate on some things. It still all has to be done.

Nightclub management is all about the rest of the pages on this web site. Night club management has to encompass every aspect of the night club.

Generally speaking, we will go over some things you really need to be aware of. And usually, all at the same time. Since everything you do affects everything else, it becomes a domino effect. By changing one thing, many times affects many other things. Remember that!
Time management will be a large hurdle for you. One thing night club management does is usually put off their paper work. If a night club manager works for a large corporation, and there is a time frame of which to get your paper work done, you will find most people in night club management wait until the last moment to do. Why? I have no clue. And usually as they are rushing, mistakes are made.

As an individual club, and owner tends to shrug off this duty. Why? Usually because it’s their money, they know what they did for the week, basically, and fail to put the time in. Usually, unless you are a book worm, because it’s a pain in the ass, putting it bluntly.

But this paper work is real important! Even if you own it, and manage it yourself. First, you need this information for your accountant to prepare documentation. Second, is it will give you a realistic view of what’s going on. Third, although you know what happened in the past week, when you do the paper work, other things that might have not thought of initially, comes to light. And last, it is vitality important to be able to reflect on your history, year to year.

Keep your paper work extensive!! Not only your figures for the week, but all the other stuff to. You know, what really happened in that week. What was the weather like, what specials did you run, was it a holiday, what day did the holiday fall on, were you short on staff that week, was there a night your DJ didn’t show up.

It may not seem important now, but YOU WILL ask these questions to yourself down the road. So, don’t rush through this process. Take your time, and make it as complete as you can. Make sure you allow time to put this together. OK?

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In night club management, you may not think this is the type of industry that has to be very strict in its operation. Wrong!
Yes, you are in an atmosphere that is relaxed and social. And yes, your employees will perform their duties not like any other business. They will laugh, talk, dance on occasion, and insure a good time for all. Not like any other business, is it?

But this is your business, and you have to treat it like one. Now I’m not saying to be a prude. On the contrary, you need to be a very social lot. But, you need to make sure everyone is doing their specific job in accordance to the rules and regulations you set forth. Period!

Like the old saying goes “my way or the highway”!

If you perform your night club management like its a big party, that’s what you will get! Insure you customers have the time of their life in a safe environment. Your employees are there to serve. If you start bending one rule, then you’ll bend another, and another. Run a taut ship. Remember, it’s your money!

The security of your patrons are of utmost importance! When you have problem in you night club, make sure your security staff don’t drag the problem patrons through the entire club to see. You need to get the problem off the floor. Make sure you tell your security to take the problem patron out the closest exit door. If that’s the back door, fine. Dragging a problem patron through a few hundred, or even a couple thousand people, is not the thing to do.

Remove the problem asap. Don’t make it an issue or it will become one. Always make sure that outside of you emergency doors are well lit, and safe. No garbage laying around, etc. Get this patron outdoors where they can’t hurt anyone, or cause more of a commotion. Deal with this out of sight, and out of mind of your patrons.

Your job in night club management encompasses everything. You need to be aware of everything that is going on at all times. Even when you are talking with someone, you have to not only carry on the conversation, but without being rude, you need to be always watching.

Watching what you ask? Watching, your employees, watching what is going on in the crowd, watching peoples body language, is someone drunk, are there people arguing, is their a problem at the front door, is their someone trying to sell drugs, are the exit doors latched and secure. etc.

You see, in night club management, you have hired and trained your staff to do specific jobs. Now, you have to basically do all their jobs at the same time! Along with being a host.

You will in the course of the night do all these things. And that’s not all. You will check the ice machine, you will check outside, you will check with the DJ, you will check the bathrooms, you will check everything. Over and over again.

You are, after all, the manager! The buck does stop here. From the smallest little thing to the largest.